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Wall of Fame Photos

Terrence + Christi have a Black Powder Coated Steel Anchor Stand and a Galvanized Aluminum Anchor Stand. I love how the Onewheels stand proudly under their sick skateboard collection!

Dustin + Sarah have 2 Black Powder Coated Anchor Stands for Onewheel. The board on the left features the Craft + Ride Tail, and the Anchor Stand holds it sturdily in place. In fact our stands hold all Onewheel configurations sturdily in place, including boards with Float Plates.

At the OWLA BBQ on July 22, we used Anchor Stands to keep the boards nice and tidy up against the wall

Mike sent me this photo of his Onewheel+ in his brand new Anchor Stand. If you're wondering what the piece of tape is in the middle of the stand, there are 4 rubber feet we send out with every board- they protect hard flooring surfaces and provide grip. They're optional to install.

My good pal Brian, who administers the OWLA Facebook page, posted this snap of his Onewheel and Onewheel+ flanking his super awesome mini Onewheel while sitting in the Duo Onewheel stand. Good thinking B, you turned the DUO into a trio!

When Sarah picked up another board, she also picked up the Silver Galvanized Aluminum Anchor Stand for Onewheel. Looks nice!!

Steve (who happens to have an amazing vinyl records collection) posted this comment on the Onewheel Owners Group: Been using my new #AnchorStandOnewheel for almost a month now, and this thing rocks! I was previously using the folding guitar stand that many others had mentioned was a cheap solution. It worked, but was no comparison to the Anchor Stand. This thing is made of a single solid chunk of metal. It's stable, holds the Onewheel extremely well, and looks damn good too. It even has a built in spot to hold the charger, and a cord hole. In my opinion, easily worth the price!

Fellow #OWLA member and my new friend Curtis just picked up a Black Powder-Coated Steel Anchor Stand for Onewheel, and it's proudly on display next to an amazing trophy fish! I'm loving the blue and black complimentary color scheme!

Fritz had this to say about his Black Powder-Coated Steel Anchor Stand for Onewheel: I didn't think I needed a stand. Now that I have one I realize how annoying it was not to have one! It's nice to be able to walk in the door after riding and put the board on the stand with one hand. The Anchor stands are bombproof. Highly recommend picking one up.

Will lives in France and is our first international client. His custom Red Rider with Chrome Fender looks sick in his Silver Aluminum Anchor Stand! For international orders, reach me via the 'Contact' link on this site and I'll follow up with you.

Omeed picked up a Black Steel Anchor Stand for Onewheel and said it's sooooo dope- I have to agree!

We made a custom TRIPLE Anchor Stand for Abe. This is the only 3-board Onewheel stand in existence!

Here's Abe's 1-of-a-kind TRIPLE Anchor Stand for Onewheel. Awesome!

Fab in France wanted a DUO to park his 2 boards in, so we hooked him up!

Here's Fab with his DUO, wearing the iconic Onewheel 'Hotwheels' T-shirt by James Paul ($19 + shipping, email Paul for info: surfinturftees@gmail.com

Tim stores his boards in a DUO that fits perfectly in this nook. I love his grip tape!