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After-Market Product Links

There are a lot of great riders and after-market innovators that contribute to the Onewheeling Community I'm so proud to be a part of. Let's show them our support by purchasing their amazing products!

Ian Johnson offers a small, portable DC charger for Onewheel. I purchased one and am just now waiting for the batteries (ordered separately) to arrive. Can't wait to use it!

My friend Greg DiGenti manufactures the SilverHandle, which makes carrying your Onewheel a LOT easier. I have Greg's original handles on all of my boards, and the new aluminum handles are gorgeous!

Rambo Fenders
Well-known throughout the Onewheeling community as the original innovator and creator of the after-market fender, Jon makes beautiful and durable fenders featuring heavy-duty magnetic attachment points, making installing and removing it a breeze. To order, email Jon and njcustom908@gmail.com and he'll work directly with you.

Well-known for his innovative tricks and revolutionary moves, Jeff Mccosker offers a line of Float Plates that screw into the the Onewheel's underside and provide protection and a smooth surface for sliding and grinding. I have Float Plates on all of my boards and highly recommend them!