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About Me and Our Products

I'm a dedicated Onewheeler who's been riding for 2 years and no matter how much I ride, it seems it's never enough. I own several boards, both Original and + models. I like to keep the boards indoors, but my wife has been after me to find a way to keep the boards organized in the smallest amount of space possible, without leaving marks all over the wall. Hence the idea to develop a custom Onewheel stand.

Probably like you I've seen LOTS of stands- some of them look really nice but are awfully pricey, others are more affordable but don't look great. I was looking for something that's stylish enough to park my boards in, incredibly durable, doesn't take up much space, priced right and accommodates ALL Onewheel configurations. 

I partnered with a friend who's a specialty metal fabricator and we tested several prototypes. After numerous tries we came up with the Anchor Stand, and we're very proud of it. It solidly holds ALL Onewheels in place. To give you options we feature a super-light (just under 2 pounds) Anodized Aluminum model, and for those who prefer black and/or something heavier (4.5 pounds) there's the Black Powder-Coated Anchor Stand. Both are just as effective at firmly holding your Onewheel in place, so it's really a matter of personal preference. We also offer the DUO in gun metal steel which accommodates 2 boards. Weighing in at 13 pounds, this functional piece of art is the perfect complement to your OWs.

As mentioned on the product page, these stands work out-of-the-box on hard surfaces, and to adapt it to work on carpet you'll need to support the back edge so it doesn't tilt. On the product pages there's a link to a recommended solution (sold separately, not by us), and there are numerous other solutions as well.

From the time your order is received, allow 7-10 days to receive your product. Currently we ship within the U.S. For international orders, via the 'Contact' link please send your full shipping address and we'll be in touch with a quote (for the retail price of the stand plus shipping at cost).

I stand behind all of our Onewheel stands and I want you to be happy with yours. 

About me: I'm in my mid-40s and live in Los Angeles with my wife of almost 20 years, our 2 daughters and a sweet little pug. My favorite Onewheel riding spot is the Venice Beach Boardwalk which has lots of grassy, sandy berms that I love to charge. Sometimes the sand is so deep I'm literally sliding down the face of a berm- feels exactly like snowboarding. 

Thank you for your interest in the Anchor Stand for Onewheel, if you have any questions or comments please reach me via the 'Contact' link. Happy riding, enjoy the Float Life!!